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Branch Executive Members



Chair Faisal Hamood, P.Eng.
Secretary Dale Puskas, P.Eng.
Treasurer Chris Bowness, P.Eng.
Event Coordinator Colburn Holbrook, P.Eng.
Outreach Coordinator Deirdre Moran, EIT 
Communications Lilah Amlani, P.Eng.
Talbot Fund Coordinator John Marrack, P.Eng.
 Members at Large  Raj Atwal, P.Eng.
Riley Beise, P.Eng.
Peter Fell, P.Eng.
Marcel Gingras, P.Eng.
Kurt Fairfield
Wei Feng, P.Eng.
Duane Marriner, P.Eng.
Leonard Nyantahe, EIT
Eric Pettit, P.Eng.
Reo Phillips, P.Eng.
Rachelle Sarrazin, GIT
Daphne Sidaway-Wolf, P.Eng.
Dr. Poman So, P.Eng.
Jin Yang, P.Eng.
Hua Ying, P.Eng. 
Camosun Liaison Peter Fell, P.Eng.
University of Victoria Liaison Dr. Rishi Gupta, P.Eng.
Univeristy of Victoria Student Representative Abdul Fourteia

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our events, we have opportunities available throughout the year ranging in price from $200-$2,000.
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We are always looking for new ways to improve our branch events and outreach activities.
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