Competency Experience Reporting System

About the Competency Experience Reporting System

APEGBC’s online system for recording, assessing, and validating engineering work experience allows applicants to identify how they meet the association’s seven competency categories for professional engineering registration.

The common competencies that are essential for professional engineers in all disciplines to ensure effective practice and public safety, and allows applicants to submit work experience examples that demonstrate their progress in these areas. Through the Competency Online Experience Reporting System, users can save their work experience information, monitor their progress towards meeting the competency requirements, and submit this information for online validation and assessment.

New Feature

A new Interim Validation feature has been added to enable users to submit one or more key competencies to their validators (typically a P.Eng. supervisor with first hand knowledge of the work described; see the Competence Assessment Guide for further information) for validation and/or feedback prior to completing their Competency Self Assessment. This feature is now available through the Competency Experience Reporting System.

Who Can Use the System

APEGBC Student Members, EITs and P.Eng. applicants in all areas of practice are eligible to use the Competency Experience Reporting System.

Discipline-specific technical competency indicators are available for the areas of practice of Structural, Civil: Municipal/Infrastructure, Electrical: Power and Industrial, and Materials, Metallurgical and Mineral Processing; and Generic indicators are available for all other areas of practice.  Technical competency indicators will continue to be developed for specific areas of practice.

How to Use the System

Applicants who applied for P.Eng. after June 1, 2015 are automatically set up to access the system.  If you applied for P.Eng. before June 1, 2015 and wish to use the system you will need to register.

To register for an account, please contact Please allow for ten business days for activation; you will receive a notification e-mail once your account has been created. For more information about the Competency-Based Assessment system and instructions for applicants, validators and assessors, please see the Competence Assessment Guide.

After Completing Your Self-Assessment

An application for P.Eng. membership should be submitted if you have not already done so. Once an individual has formally applied for P.Eng. and has completed a competency self-assessment through the system, it takes approximately 2-4 months to review your application once we have received all of the required documents. Please ensure that you have submitted all documents required for your application. Access the complete list of required documents >

You can log into your account to monitor your validators’ submissions as you submit your experience. If you have used the Interim Validation option to submit key competencies for validation, you will also receive an e-mail notification when your validator has completed the validation and/or requested a revision.

For additional information about checking the status of your application please see Application Status.
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