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  • All taxes are included
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars
  • All fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified
  • Cheque, cash (in-person), Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted
  • For receipts and payment inquiries, please contact Billing and Receipts
  • Applications received without the appropriate fee will not be processed
A. Application Fee > E. Reinstatement and Return to Practice Fee >
B. Examination Fees > F. Special Program Fees >
C. Registration / Licensing Fees > G. Additional Stamps / Certificates >
D. Annual Fees > H. Appeal a Decision of the Registration Committee >

A. Application (Assessment) Fees

A.1 Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist

First time applicant – Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada
First-time applicant – Non-Resident Licence (others) 
Applicant registered as or licensed as P.Eng., P.Geo., ing. Or géo in other province/territory
Applicant who is currently an EIT or GIT with APEGBC (EIT/GIT application fee was waived)
* This includes EIT, GIT, MIT, ing jr,géo jr or stagiare members who have transferred their membership from another province. 
Applicant who is currently an EIT or GIT with APEGBC (paid an application fee for EIT/GIT application)
Interview Rescheduling Fee (For applicant-initiated postponement or cancellation of a confirmed interview)

A.2 Engineer or Geoscientist - in - Training

Academically-qualified EIT, GIT, MIT, ing jr,géo jr or stagiare in other province or territory
(Applicant must be transfering  to APEGBC in the same membership category as their current registration). 
First-time applicant (applying within 12 months of graduation from an engineering or geoscience post-secondary program)
First-time applicant applying more than 12 months after graduation $472.50

A.3 Limited Licence

First-time applicant $472.50
Licensed in another Canadian province
Reapplication for Minor Scope Change $206.10
Reapplication for Major Scope Change $412.20

  B.​ Examination Fees​

B.1 Academic Examinations

Per Examination
Defer Examination to a subsequent session
Request Examination Reread per Examination

B.2 Professional Practice Examination

Per Exam (Includes Multiple Choice and Essay sections)
Re-take Essay section only (if Multiple Choice section passed)
Study Texts  
Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics by G. C. Andrews
Picked up from APEGBC office

Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, Canadian Edition by B.M. Samuels and D.R. Sanders
Picked up from APEGBC office

Study Kit (2 texts)
Picked up from APEGBC office


B.3 Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice in BC

Online Seminar $288.75

C. Registra​tion and L​icensing Fee

One-Time Fee per Registration/Licence – Includes Stamp, Certificate and Award Ceremony

All Registered Memberships and Licences with Practice Rights

D. An​nual Fee​s

Annual Fee

Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist

Registered Member  
Practising or Non - Practising
Reduced Fee based on Active Income Level*
Medically Unfit to Work (Non-Practising Status)

Non-Resident Licence

Full Fees
Reduced Fee based on Active Income Level*
Medically Unfit to Work (Non-Practising Status)

Limited Licence

Full Fees
Reduced Fee based on Active Income Level*
Medically Unfit to Work (Non-Practising Status)

Provisional Membership

Full Fees
Reduced Fee based on Active Income Level*
Medically Unfit to Work

Engineer- or Geoscientist-in-Training

Full Fees
Reduced Fee based on Active Income Level*
Medically Unfit to Work
A member whose Active Income is $31,000 or less is eligible to apply for a reduced annual fee for a maximum of two consecutive years. Active Income includes gross income from all employment or director's fees and/or net income from self employment; it does not include pension or other retirement income, investment income, unemployment insurance income, support payments, scholarships, bursaries or disability income. All other sources of income are considered "active".

A late fee of $75 is charged for annual membership dues paid after the due date of January 1st.

E. Rei​nstatement and ​Return to Practice Fees

Members, Licensees, and Members-in-Training who are not current members or non-resident licensees of another Association/Ordre in Canada

Reinstatement of EIT/GIT or P.Eng./P.Geo. Non-Practising Membership
Resumption of Practice (within 1 year of resignation, removal or conversion to non-practising)
Resumption of Practice (over 1 year since resignation, removal or conversion to non-practising)

F. Special Pro​gram Fees

F.1 Designated Structural Engineer

Application Fee
BC Codes and Practices Exam
IStructE Exam
Designation Assignment Fee (includes Stamp & Certificate)
Annual Fee (in addition to Professional Engineer Annual Fee)

G.​ Additional Stamps or Ce​rtificates

30 mm Rubber Stamp $29.99
30 mm Self Inking Stamp (black ink unless specified) $49.00
50 mm Rubber Stamp $35.00
50 mm Self Inking Stamp (black ink unless specified) $56.50
Long Reach Seal $86.50
Limited Licence Rubber Stamp $44.15
Limited Licence Self Inking Stamp $55.20
Certificate of Registration $22.40
Rush Order Fee (applies to entire stamp and/or certificate order only) $11.20

H. Appeal a Decision of the Registration Committee

Within 30 days of receipt of the decision letter

Appeal Fee