Academic Examinations and Syllabi

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Academic examinations may be assigned by APEGBC to:
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of your discipline
  • To supplement your academic qualifications

Specific examinations are assigned to you by APEGBC after a detailed assessment of your academics. Do not sign up for examinations before they are officially assigned.

What Are the Examination Dates and Deadlines?

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Examination Session
Deadline to Apply
January May February 10
July December August 10

What do I need to study?

You need to study the topics as listed for an examination, as outlined in the Engineering or Geoscience  syllabus. Note that the examination will be based on these topics only.

You may use any textbooks you wish; however, you may want to refer to your specific syllabus for a list of recommended textbooks. Note that for those applying to write geoscience examinations that you will be contacted regarding the recommended study material. These textbooks are not available at APEGBC.

Past engineering examinations are also available online.
Academic examinations assigned on a confirmatory basis may not be replaced by completion of a course; however academic examinations assigned due to missing topic coverage in a candidate's academic background may be completed by taking courses acceptable for credit at a university faculty of applied science or science (note: syllabus topics may not be able to be covered by a one-semester course). Candidates who wish to submit courses for consideration for coverage of a syllabus topic must provide a detailed course outline with a completed self-assessment form (for this form, see the discipline-specific syllabus).

If you have been assigned examinations after a detailed assessment of your non-engineering degree against the syllabus of required topics in your discipline of engineering, please note that some of your experience prior to completing the assigned topics may not be credited towards the required four years of satisfactory experience until all assessed deficiencies have been cleared either by successfully completing the examinations, or by passing approved equivalent courses. Credit is typically  given for up to one year of experience gained prior to completion of academic requirements if it meets APEGBC’s Competency Framework or Satisfactory Experience Guidelines  and is supervised by an appropriate professional.   This is examined on a case-by-case basis.

How Do I Apply to Write an Examination?

Please refer to the Academic Examination Regulations for important information about the examinations.

If you have already been assigned academic examinations and wish to apply, please login here.

Note that you do not need to take all of the assigned examinations at one time. However, you must make sure that you finish your academic examinations before your examination deadline, as specified in your exam assignment letter.

Deferring an Examination

If you have already applied to challenge an exam(s) during one of the exam sessions and wish to defer taking it until a later session, please login to your member portal here. Note that there is a $194.25 deferral fee for each exam that is postponed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Per examination $338.55
Defer examination to a subsequent session $194.25
Examination re-read per examination $257.85

Can I Claim the Exam Fees on My Income Taxes?

For 2011 and subsequent years, the federal budget proposes to allow a tax credit for examination fees paid to an institution for examinations taken in the year if the examination is required to obtain a professional status recognized by federal or provincial statute. For more information, please consult the federal government website

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