Building and Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Hir​ing an Engineer for a Building Project

I need an engineer:

I need an engineer for my small project:
I need a structural engineer:
I need a building envelope engineer:
Infraguide Best Practice Report:
Can APEGBC provide me with the names of engineers and references?
To assist the public in locating APEGBC professionals who could undertake their projects, APEGBC maintains various directories available.  APEGBC does not, however, compile or maintain lists of projects and references for its members and licensees. Potential clients should request such information directly from the APEGBC professionals.

Hir​ing an Engineer for a Sewerage System

I need an engineer for my sewerage system:
When do I need an engineer for a sewerage system?
The Sewerage Systems Regulation prescribes conditions, such as Type 3 systems, where the services of an APEGBC professional are required. 

Bu​ilding Codes

For proje​cts in BC outside the City of Vancouver:
F​or projects in the City of Vancouver:

Letters of Assurance (LoAs)

What must be done when changing engineer during the course of construction?
The procedure is described beginning at page 17 of 30 of the Guide to the Letters of Assurance.

During Con​struction – Guidance

During Constructi​on – Quality Management

What do I do if I don’t need sealed drawings?
Under the Engineers and Geoscientist Act, APEGBC professionals are required to seal all documents which contain their professional work and are strongly advised to provide sealed copies to their clients. The APEGBC Quality Management Guidelines – Use of the APEGBC Seal provides more information.

How often does an engineer need to do perform field reviews?
Field reviews should occur periodically at the discretion of the APEGBC professional to suit the nature and progress of the implementation or construction. The APEGBC Quality Management Guidelines – Documented Field Reviews During Implementation or Construction provides more information.