Stamps, Seals and Certificates

Order Replacement Stamp, Seal or Certificate of Registration or Licence

If you need a new stamp, seal and/or certificate, please visit our online store.

Stamps have your initials and last name, as well as your P.Eng. or P.Geo. Licence or User ID. You should receive your stamp within approximately three weeks of the order date.

Certificates have your full legal name, as specified on your Canadian Citizenship (citizenship card, birth certificate or current Canadian passport) or Permanent Resident Status document. You should receive your certificate within approximately two weeks of the order date.

Modifications to the full legal name are permitted if you submit a certified copy of your name change certificate, a certified copy of your marriage certificate, or certified Canadian passport. Please see our Name Changes section for details.

Order Digital Signature and Electronic Seal Technology

Members and licensees who currently have signing and sealing permission under the Act can also digitally sign and apply an electronic version of their seal with date to their professional documents so that the documents can be transmitted electronically in a secure fashion.

How to Obtain the Digital Signature and Electronic Seal Technology:
  1. Complete the application and make your payment;
  2. Download and print your identity verification form and have it verified at a Canada Post location;
  3. An email will be sent to APEGBC requesting confirmation of your status;
  4. A confirmation email enabling you to activate your digital signature and install your Digital Signature Kit will be sent from Notarius;
  5. Start using your digital signature.
Once you have received the Digital Signature Kit from Notarius, you are permitted to produce an image of your APEGBC issued stamp.

Members interested in purchasing the digital signature and electronic seal technology may do so by visiting the APEGBC section on the Notarius website and following the directions set out in the application sections of the site or by contacting Lina Bowser at 604.412.4862 or by e-mail at


Fee Item
$140  One time set up fee
$185 Annual subscription fee
$325 Total (plus applicable taxes)
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