Professionals for Sewerage System Regulation

The list of Professionals for Sewerage System Regulation has been compiled on the basis of a self declaration by individual members that they are qualified by training or experience in accordance with Principle 2 of the APEGBC Code of Ethics. The list may not include all professionals registered or licensed by APEGBC undertaking these services. APEGBC assumes no responsibilities for the services provided by the individual members or organizations whose names are listed in the List of Professionals for the Purpose of the Sewerage System Regulation.

On May 31, 2005, the new Sewerage System Regulation (Regulation) came into force for site assessment, planning, design, installation and maintenance of on-site sewerage disposal systems, under the Health Act. Professionals may undertake Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 systems. Registered practitioners may only undertake Type 1 and Type 2 systems. Together, professionals and registered practitioners are referred to as authorized persons under the Regulation.

APEGBC has prepared a list of professional engineers, geoscientists, and licensees undertaking services as professionals under the Regulation, complete with contact information for the Health Authorities receiving filings and also for the general public who require the services of a professional in this area.
Name Location Contact Number E-mail


Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.957.3611
David Gao, P.Eng. Dawson Creek, BC 250.782.5868
Fraser Valley
Gordon Anderlini, P.Eng. Langley, BC 604.220.4321
Rob Arden, P.Eng. Abbotsford, BC 604.807.1712
Ron Beesley, P.Eng. Coquitlam, BC 604.527.1349
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.957.3611
Ralph Giuriato, P.Eng. Langley, BC 604.533.2121
Tony Mikes, P.Eng. Maple Ridge, BC 604.462.7121
Fabio Morales, P.Eng. Abbotsford, BC 604.855.9173
Jairo Prada, P.Eng. Abbotsford, BC 604.850.0364
Graham Watson, P.Eng. Coquitlam, BC 604.723.7623
Gulf & Discovery Islands
Steven Carballeira, P.Geo. Denman Island, BC 250.335.1864
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.957.3611
Wayne Lee, P.Eng. Salt Spring Island, BC 250.537.0603
Ron McMurtrie, P.Eng. Hornby Island, BC 250.335.2685
Nick Berzins, P.Eng. Invermere, BC 250.342.5760
Ben Kardash, P.Eng. Parson, BC 403.808.5424
Paul Kernan, P.Eng. Nelson, BC 250.551.1416
Chuck Kucera, P.Eng. Golden, BC 250.344.5269
Don Nash, P.Eng. Procter, BC 250.229.2278
Dave Russell, P.Eng. Kaslo, BC 250.353.2258
Tom Smith, P.Eng. Winlaw, BC 250.226.7796
Les Thiessen, P.Eng. Castlegar, BC 250.551.0654
Shawn Vokey, P.Eng. Cranbrook, BC  250.919.1581
Peter Ward, P.Eng. Nelson, BC 250.354.1660
Ralf Waters, P.Eng. Nelson, BC 250.352.7808
Lower Mainland
Brian Chan, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.662.4544
Raymond Chin, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.597.0422
Thomas Day-Madunicky, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.290.6941
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.957.3611
Karel Galland, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.662.4544
Jerzy Janota-Bzowski, P.Eng. Burnaby, BC 604.294.2088
Karim Karimzadegan, P.Eng. North Vancouver, BC 604.990.0546
Kevin Liu, P.Eng. Burnaby, BC 778.300.8087
Craig Regier, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.329.8324
Karen Savage, P.Eng. North Vancouver, BC 604.990.0546
Bill Sievewright, P.Eng. North Vancouver, BC 604.682.2122
Lynda Smithard, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.738.7680
Brian Thompson, P.Eng. West Vancouver, BC 604.921.1448
Troy Vassos, P.Eng. Vancouver, BC 604.873.9262
Northern British Columbia
Joel Barkman, P.Eng. Terrace, BC 250.635.7163
Scott Bilbrough, P.Eng. Prince George, BC 250.562.0038
Darryl Brizan, P.Eng. Prince George, BC 250.562.1977
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Seymour Arm, BC 604.957.3611
Hans Duerichen, P.Eng. Smithers, BC 250.847.2019
David Gao, P.Eng. Dawson Creek, BC 250.782.5868
Eerik Lilles, P.Eng. Smithers, BC 250.847.8795
Archie McLean, P.Eng. McBride, BC 250.569.2333
Matt Powell, P.Eng. Prince George, BC
Robert Paul Radloff, P.Eng. Prince George, BC 250.562.6861
Sunshine Coast
Steven Carballaira, P.Geo. Denman Island, BC 250.335.1864
Bert Telder, P.Eng. Gibsons, BC 604.740.6128
Thompson Okanagan
Remi Allard, P.Eng. Kelowna, BC 250.860.8424
Dick Bartel, P.Eng. (note) Vernon, BC 250.549.3506
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Seymour Arm, BC 604.957.3611
Jayme Franklin, P.Eng. Salmon Arm, BC 250.832.5919
Paul Glen, P.Eng. Okanagan Falls, BC 250.809.9024
Chris Harp, P.Eng. Penticton, BC 250.493.3947
Duane Hendricks, P.Eng. Kamloops, BC 250.572.2968
Jeff Holm, P.Eng. Kamloops, BC 250.828.7179
James Kay, P.Eng. Kelowna, BC 250.870.6261
Chad Meier, P.Eng. Kamloops, BC 250.320.4832
Jeffrey Oland, P.Eng. Winfield, BC 250.766.5114
Bryson Patenaude, P.Eng. Kamloops, BC 250.377.2739
Peter Shatzko, P.Eng. Vernon, BC 250.545.2447
Chris Town, P.Eng. Kamloops, BC 250.374.8311
Gerhard Tscheppe, P.Eng. Sun Peaks, BC 250.571.0580
Vancouver Island
Todd Adamsson, P.Eng. Campbell River, BC 250.287.4071
Steven Carballeira, P.Geo. Denman Island, BC 250.335.1864
Greg Dohm, P.Eng. Nanaimo, BC 250.619.9134
George Giles, P.Eng. Shawnigan Lake, BC 250.743.7772
Andrew Gower, P.Eng. Courtenay, BC 250.334.3263
Jan Hoel, Eng.L. Victoria, BC 250.475.6906
Kelly Karr, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.478.1158
Christoph Moch, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.474.9603
Shane Moore, P.Geo. Victoria, BC 250.475.3131
John Motherwell, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.475.3535
Neil Neate, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.477.2206
Ron Parker, P.Eng. Duncan, BC 250.748.8500
Michael Payne, P.Eng./P.Geo. Sannich, BC 250.655.3604
Eric Pettit, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.384.5510 ext 15218
Ian Ralston, Eng.L. Duncan, BC 250.597.3155
Mike Seymour, Eng.L. Victoria, BC 250.360.7747
Bon Thorburn, P.Eng. (note) Bowser, BC 250.757.8874
Wendy Yao, P.Eng. Victoria, BC 250.595.4223 or
Whister/Sea to Sky
Brent Dennis, P.Eng. Surrey, BC 604.957.3611
Out of Province
Greg Bull, P.Eng. Whitehorse, YT 867.393.3225
Kirk Morrison, P.Eng. Calgary, AB 403.258.7220