Accredited Employer Member-in-Training Pilot Program

The Accredited Employer Member-in-Training (MIT) pilot program helps employers attract and retain high-calibre talent and streamlines the processing and evaluation of applicants seeking professional membership. Under the program, engineering companies that employ Engineers-in-Training (EITs) work with APEGBC to offer work environments that ensure EITs are able to satisfy the APEGBC experience requirements when applying for their P.Eng. designation.


Employers develop their own EIT training programs and apply to APEGBC to become accredited. They are responsible for identifying which of their EITs will participate in the program. Engineers-in-Training who wish to be considered for the program must work for an accredited company and enroll through their employer.

At this time, the program is only available to EITs. Geoscientists-in-Training (GITs) will be included when a competency-based assessment system has been implemented specifically for them.

How the Program Works

The Accredited Employer MIT program is based upon the Competency Experience Reporting System. Under the program:

  • Employers develop their own EIT training program and apply to have it accredited by APEGBC.
  • Participating EITs are registered on the employer’s recommendation, and their applications are expedited through the low-risk pathway towards professional registration.
  • Accreditation is valid for three years and is renewable.



As an employer involved in the program, you will be even better positioned to:

  • Attract and retain high-calibre, well-trained EITs by supplementing your internal training program:
    • By aligning with APEGBC's registration requirements, your program will help your organization train its EIT employees more effectively and efficiently, and will help EITs employed by your organization to develop into strong candidates for P.Eng. qualification.
  • Gain external recognition of your company’s training program.
  • Build a stronger MIT program:
    • As an accredited partner, you will be invited to the MIT Advisory Committee meetings to provide input on program improvements.
  • Access dedicated support, guidance, and training on registration competencies from APEGBC.


As a participating employer–supervisor, you will:

  • Gain increased knowledge of the required competencies.
  • Foster environments for EIT-applicants to gain the experience needed to meet the required registration competencies:
    • By aligning competencies with performance review objectives, your organization will be better equipped to design and direct efficient and effective EIT work training.
  • Receive specialized training and reference materials from APEGBC to help in the validation process of an EIT’s application for professional registration. In addition, APEGBC’s Accredited Employer MIT program administrators will personally assist you with any questions you have about your program.
  • Qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for optional self-reporting.


As a participating EIT, you will:

  • Receive enhanced guidance in gaining necessary competencies for registration:
    • Your supervisors are APEGBC-trained and understand the requirements you need to become a successful applicant and
    • A dedicated APEGBC MIT program representative will be able to personally help you when you have questions about your application process.
  • Experience expedited review and registration at four years of work experience, provided you have already passed the Professional Practice Exam (PPE) and have completed APEGBC’s Law and Ethic requirements.
  • Become a strong candidate to qualify as a P.Eng.

To be eligible for the program, you must be working for the accredited employer for at least two years and must use the Competency Experience Reporting System to record your work experience.

How to Register

Employers can contact Leila Lagroix at for an application form and information about eligibility requirements and accreditation.

Current Pilot Program Participants:

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